Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How Many Panadols Would It Take To Kill

public & private

The story that is keeping busy reporters in Bologna and that is on everyone's lips is this elusive Cinzia-gate. That in addition to forcing a super job the court and the sofas in the center of the debate is putting the same question that came up for popes, D'Addario and Company singer. The private character of a public interest us? It 'just browse through the sexual preferences, loving, personal, of a person who holds public office and judge in the middle of the square? What is the limit beyond which, even if you're the Pope, it is legitimate to say "have my cock?

Cynthia has been for several years, the girlfriend of Flavio Delbono, now mayor of Bologna, Sergio Cofferati heir to a much loved as hated debut at the end of the mandate, the former vice presidential Errani of the Region. Cynthia was employed by the municipality, then moved into the region to make his personal secretary, then over to the Cup, the investigation that involves them is unclear whether working in different missions and at other times there was a use by Delbono of public money for expenses involving the two and that did not relate to certain labor issues. Both, therefore, are under investigation for embezzlement.
Delbono, which initially did not comment on the affair remained in print almost a religious silence irritating, has now decided to begin to replicate. And to defend themselves. With a series of press is saying that he never used money from the region that will show all the magistrates.

Now, it is innocent or guilty, I wonder about your private life, as mayor of a big city, should at least downsize. More and more towards the public, alas, because of the role it plays. It 's the job of your choice to make, people also gives you confidence as you behave in private. And even if there is no and no offense will be all a hoax, it is clear that the image can be compromised in front of your voters.
I'm not a moralist, far be it from me. But what bothers me is that, as usual, you give credit to the image of man and, therefore, also a woman, that maintains and ensure that economically. Gifts, money, travel .. so he wins. And so you can be conquered. Then, if it ends, I always have something to take revenge or some claims to be made. The pattern for women to say Berlusconi. I am a charismatic man, I love women (all) and stretch well. So that kind of upsets me just wins.
If more public money were even worse.

Then, one can have all the women who love you want. Can go to trans, can also use drugs .. just that every day you do not pull out the family though. To calm the waters with a Curia that has power and makes its voice heard. It is not exactly the case Delbono, it should be recognized, but at national level, examples abound. Break the boxes with the marriage and then there is not one who has not divorced. And here, I'm sorry, the protection of "let your own business, my private life has nothing to do" can not be invoked. If you make laws that affect my personal life, I at least want to know you in your way you're acting.

said. They look like peanuts compared to what is happening to House. Quick process? No more words .. we ended utter hypocrisy. They try to justify it saying it is for the good of the long time the Italian justice system ..

I hope that the consciousness of Italians raised up soon, along with the taste of indignation.


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